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Church service

Premiere Eglise Haitienne d' Evansville Indiana/First Haitian Church of Evansville, Indiana.

Haitian Christian Church


Brother Adema Salomon (317) 319-2562

Brother Sorelle Denoyer (317) 473-5818

4641 West 30th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46224

Haitians food

Haitian cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices from Haiti.

It originates from a blend of several culinary styles that populated the western portion of the island of Hispaniola, namely the French, African, Taíno natives, and Spanish influence

Haitians Music

The music of Haiti combines a wide range of influences drawn from the many people who have settled on this Caribbean island.

Cadence Kompa Gospel Hip hop Kontradans Méringue Mini-jazz Mizik rasin Rabòday Rara Rara tech Rock Twoubadou Vodou drumming Zouk.


It reflects French, African rhythms, Spanish elements and others who have inhabited the island of Hispaniola and minor native Taino influences..

One of Haiti's musical traditions is known to outsiders simply as compas. But in the former non-standardized Haitian Creole, Haitians identify it variously as compa, conpa, and konpa-dirék.

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